Most Asked Question in SSB AFSB 2 Mysore

Most Asked Question in SSB AFSB 2 Mysore

Mysore is the place AFSB 2 and recommended many aspiring Air Force. The type of interview questions asked there almost like the other SSB, which is based on the PAA and the basic concepts of candidates and revolves around the personal aspects of the candidates. But some questions on an exceptional basis in Mysore SSB are as follows.
How do you feel at the center of SSB, away from your city?
Why candidates always attracted by the Air Force and preferably in the branch fly?
What is the classification of the Air Force of India in global lists?
I suggest some ways to improve your city / region.
What were the preparations made before appearing in the SSB?
Mysore is a city known for heritage and ancient culture. What do you know about Mysore?
In your opinion, what are the gaps in the selection procedure SSB?
What have you learned here in the last days?
Tell me five most important problems of India.
Tell me five military posts of senior India with other nations.
How will you compare with Mysore district?
Why did you choose this center for SSB? (Nominees) AFCAT
What is the difference in the management functions, steal and the technical group of the Air Force?
What is your opinion on the counting agent hunger in the armed forces?
How will you assess your performance in this company?
Conclusion – These questions were recently asked in AFSB Mysore. All candidates who have decided to opt SSB Mysore as the center has to go through these questions and practice. Keep track of your district and have some basic knowledge of Mysore before going to SSB.

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